Afi Interagency Agreement

“bridging action” means a non-competitive measure that requires justification including, inter alia, formal justification and authorization (FAR 6.3 or 13.5), justification from limited sources (FAR 8.4) and a waiver of equitable opportunities (FAR 16.5) to maintain the current or similar product or services due to the delay in the negotiation and award of a subsequent contract. The extension of services performed in accordance with the provisions of FAR 52.217-8, option to extend services, is not considered a gateway operation, whether or not negotiated in the original contract, unless, or until the total authorized extension is exceeded by six (6) months (1) Contains non-mandatory internal procedures and instructions as well as additional information; to be used at the discretion of the contract agent; Field Operating Agency (FOA) is a subdivision of the Air Force that reports directly to a functional manager of USAF Headquarters. An ATF performs field activities beyond one of the main commands (see AFI 38-101). The Commander Commander (MAJCOM) designates a main subdivision of the Air Force, which is assigned a large part of the Air Force`s mission. A MAJCOM is directly attached to the US Air Force headquarters. (See AFI 38-101). Services Designated Official (SDO) means the person responsible for managing and supervising the acquisition of contracted services (see AFI 63-138, acquisition of services). DAS (C) means the Assistant Secretary of State (Contracting). The authority conferred on das (C) may also be exercised by the Associate Assistant Secretary (Contracting) (ADAS (C).

“acquisition category (ACAT)” means the category of a defence acquisition program. See DoDI 5000.02, Annex 1. Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) refers to the document used by government personnel to evaluate the contractor`s performance (see FAR 46.401, DFARS 246.401 and DFARS 237.172). “installation commander” means a person who works in a command position and is responsible for an Air Force base or other facility with a basic contract office. The deputy or technical director of a CNT may exercise any authority soz, unless it is limited in the FAR, supplemented (e.g. B the person empowered to execute a given authority must have a specified grade or minimum grade) or, as expressly specified in the CNT. For more information on identifying SCOs for emergency operations, please see AFI 64-105 Contingency Contracting Support. 4.

Is available electronically as part of the AFFARS document set on Enterprise includes enterprise sourcing and services, research and development (R&D) and AFSC Supply Chain Requirements. ASAF (A) designates the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition. . . . .

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