Agreement Protecting A Computer Requires Gall

3.8. concluding and executing an agreement with the company; That you represent Joni Wong, AssociateTel -852 3405 As part of its review of the PDPA, the CPPP conducted a public consultation on a proposed data portability requirement on May 22, 2019, requiring organizations to transmit the detainee`s data or under its control to another organization in a commonly used machine-readable format. On January 20, 2020, the PDPC responded to the feedback received and proposed, among other things, that the data portability requirement be phased in through the implementation of regulatory instruments to meet the needs and availability of the sector. Nevertheless, the PDPC has the power to conclude a cooperation agreement with a foreign data protection authority on data protection issues, such as cross-border cooperation. In particular, in accordance with Section 10 of the PDPA, cooperation agreements may be concluded for the following purposes: b) abuses, particularly in cases of copyright infringement. In addition, there is abuse in the provision, dissemination or other use of illegally obtained data, or in the dissemination or provision of data for illicit purposes. In particular, the use of the services provided by GALL, where an organization involves a data intermediary, is particularly responsible for complying with the obligation to limit the transmission of any transfer of personal data from overseas (i.e. via foreign data or through data itself as part of the processing) (see section 11 below). In order to comply with the obligation to limit transmission, the organization may be required to perform due diligence and obtain assurances from the data intermediary and/or to ensure that the recipient is bound by legally enforceable obligations that may include a contract that meets the requirements of the PDP regulation. You may require that you receive a machine-readable copy of the personal data processed on the basis of your consent or on the basis of the processing required for an agreement with you, and the personal data you have provided to Trelleborg (data portability) and request that the information be passed on to another processing manager (where possible). “Legally enforceable obligations” are defined in the provisions of the PDP and include obligations imposed on the beneficiary: if the company you represent decides to enter into an agreement with Trelleborg, we will process your personal data for the purposes of concluding and executing the contract.

This privacy policy (“Data Protection Statement”) defines the personal data we collect on our websites by email and/or by entering into and executing an agreement with the company you represent, as well as the purposes we deal with.

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