Alternative Employment Agreement

The legal system requires employers and workers to agree to extend a trial period and must enter into their agreement: you and your employer can agree to extend your probation period if you need training for the new job. Make sure you get written consent from your employer with a clear end date. The objective of the probation period is for the employer and the worker to assess the suitability of the alternative job for the worker. When it comes to determining whether the terms of the proposed alternative employment differ from an employee`s existing employment, it should be noted that if your complaint does not achieve the desired result, you can initiate an “early conciliation”. This is an opportunity to resolve your dispute without the stress of legal proceedings. Early conciliation is free of charge and is organised by Acas, an independent organisation that can help you and your employer reach an agreement. Employment and service contracts belong to the category of reimbursable agreements. In the service contract scenario, the remuneration for services is closely linked to the duration of the legal relationship and is only settled after the provision of services. As far as the employment contract is concerned, the salary will be received regularly (every month, half month, etc.). The worker`s right to severance pay is not the only consideration. The issue of alternative employment is also a factor in deciding whether the dismissal of a dismissed worker is fair or unfair. Employment contracts are also less attractive due to a heavier financial burden.

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