Ano Ang Naic Military Agreement

It is our approval, and we swear to God and the land of our birth not to bury him. We who sign this below with our real names, convene all the leaders of the army and a meeting on the Supreme President to discuss the plight of the pueblos and the revolution; who recognized that some leaders committed treason by drawing the force that comes from unity, by an agreement with the Spanish enemy and the deceit of the soldiers, and also by abandoning to take care of the wounded, it is the same determination to save people from this serious danger with the following means: Cavite in April 1897 , Bonifacio and his men drew this document in which they decided to found an independent government and separated from the Tejeros. Among the forty-one men who signed him were Andres Bonifacio, Artemio Ricarte, Pio del Pilar and Severino de las Alas. Meeting Supremo Bonifacios for the Naic Military Agreement on the second floor of Casa Hacienda de Naic. Hanging in the school meeting room. The staircase towards the second floor of Casa Hacienda de Naic. A Lasalian student of Xiao Chua. Everyone must have been surprised, and the Supreme Court continued with Aguinaldo and said, “Go ahead and listen to our meeting.” Aguinaldo respectfully replied: “Thank you for coming to know me, and maybe if you needed me, invite me.” It`s true! Of course. Farewell the cups drowned, and in the light of the game, he found his soldiers. He freed her. The Supreme Court again called Aguinaldo and thought it would fight for him? But this is not an invitation to listen to the meeting again.

Aguinaldo refused again and said once again: “If you needed me, you would have invited me.” During his departure, Bonifacio avoided chaos and left the building. The people of Aguinaldo had eaten it. The Singer General sent Mariano Noriel and Pio del Pilar and did not shout at Aguinaldo. Andres Bonifacio – Mayhem Pilar Esteban San Juan – Mulanin Modesto Ritual M. A. Main P. Giron – Arrow A . Villanueva – Campus E. Izon Andres V. – Gumamela Escolastico Gillardo Conteral Ba… [ ?] Jacinto Lumbreras – New hero Felipe Gervasin G.

Artemio Ricarte – Vibora Casimiro Vizcarra [?] James A. – Fire L. San Miguel – Maku-Lam [ ?] Historic day is Xiaotime! 116 years ago, on Friday, April 19, 1897, Supremo Andres Bonifacio signed the Naic Military Agreement with his generations and his surrender. In this document, he repeats, as he did on 23 March 1897 in Acta de Tejeros, that he was still president of the rebel government, although he also claimed the position of General Emilio Aguinaldo. On that day, Supremo was preparing for a meal meeting on the second floor of Casa Hacienda de Naic, the present-day Naic Elementary School, while Aguinaldo captured people on the first floor. One of Aguinaldo`s supporters escaped or passed and heard about the meeting, Major Lazarus May. The Naic Military Agreement was a document on April 18, 1897[1] in which a number of participants in the Tejeros Convention rejected the outcome of the convention. The rejection, followed by 23 March Acta de Tejeros, would later cost Andres Bonifacio his life. Bonifacio was sentenced to death for treason and Maragondon, Cavite on May 10, 1897 and Center. [2] [3] [1] When General Emilio Aguinaldo was opened to listen to the conversation between Supremo Andres Bonifacio and the prisoners, after signing their military agreement with Casa Hacienda de Naic, he confirmed that Bonifacio was still president of the government on April 19, 1897.

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