Bellamy Lease Agreement

Welcome to Bellamy Florence! We are OFFEN and we are located near the campus of the University of North Alabama – Roar Lions! Built in 2018, we are the last off-campus accommodation for students in Florence. If you live here, you`re going to be part of the most technologically advanced colocation, fully equipped with Smart Home features. Visit us in our brand new clubhouse and book your room today! Each apartment is rented from the bed, which means you rent a room and share the common room with other roommates. You can either come with scheduled roommates or we can help you meet new friends. How does the rent work? Rent is due on the first of each month. You will receive a late fee on the 6th. We do not charge late fees for any reason under any circumstances. Please plan ahead! Mathews said a guarantor or co-signer is needed if the tenant`s credit is not high enough to sign the lease itself. How can I terminate my lease? You cannot terminate a lease at Bellamy. If you can`t meet your rental requirements, your only way is to find a qualified candidate to rent your apartment from again. You must complete the roommate match, credit and penalty check, meet the income requirements and pay the corresponding fees. Lily Mathews, The Clubhouse Leasing Consultant, says one of the most common mistakes students make is signing a lease before they`re fully ready to commit. Will the rent be proportional? The date of entry and exit is in the middle of the month, but the rent is not proportional.

There is a value for the contract. We allow you to pay the contract value in instalments and offer a 12-month payment option. This does not mean, however, that the cost of the month is proportional. You have the option to pay in advance. Often, as in the case of conventional housing, this confusion will calculate the rent on a pro rata basis. We offer an installment rental agreement. The user manual states that every lease is different and encourages potential tenants to read everything. Can I paint the walls? You can paint the walls if you first ask for written permission from the management. You need to repaint the walls at the end of your lease or charge yourself for the mural painting. When is my first payment due? Payment is due before the start of the rental, but if you move in earlier, it is due at the time of moving in…

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