Post Possession Agreement Arizona

A buyer who grants postal goods to the former owner cannot take into account all aspects of the agreement. It is important that buyers and sellers agree on all of these items. Otherwise, a buyer might find the landscaping overrun upon arrival. The pool could not be maintained after a few weeks. The previous owner could expect the new owner to be responsible for the landscaping and pool. Write it down so there is no misunderstanding. Lease term. Often the seller tries to stay in the property until he or she can close with the purchase of another property and then move out. Assuming this is the case, the seller will want to indicate a rental period corresponding to the estimated time for the closure of the new house, with an automatic renewal fee for certain successive periods. The buyer will probably prefer a non-renewable rental period for a relatively short period of time, provided that the buyer plans to withdraw it if the seller leaves and wants to be able to plan ahead. The buyer should require that the agreement declare that any extension requires the buyer`s written consent, that no termination is necessary and that the buyer has the right to terminate the termination date, only with the buyer`s written consent, and that the buyer is not required to send a termination. However, if the buyer has acquired the property as an installation, he has much greater flexibility in the duration of the rental and can look forward to having a tenant immediately after closing. I buy it and I want to avoid a double move.

In addition, there may be an unexpected delay in a Mover calendar. In addition, there could be a last minute delay if your loan is purchased for a home. However, it may also be an agreement negotiated under the sales contract. With planning, most buyers and sellers can avoid this situation. However, we all know that even in the context of flawless planning, unexpected situations occur. Sometimes a buyer or seller must have a deadline. All parties must approve closing dates as part of the original contract. If situations change, the closing date can be changed by mutual agreement.

The buyer of the house and the seller must have documentation for each possession agreement after possession. While no one expects a problem, both parties must ensure that they are covered by ownership documentation. If the seller does not evacuate the house as agreed, the buyer must know what legal action he can take. If the buyer makes deposits, the seller must be assured that he will be reimbursed in accordance with the agreement. Rent and security. The buyer must demand rent and a deposit that must be paid at the closing and, if possible, as a credit against the purchase price. However, the amount of the deposit and the deposit requested should not exceed the rent of one and a half months. See A.R.S. 33-1321. When determining the amount of rent, the parties should take into account not only debt service, if any, but also issues such as association fees and property taxes.

In addition, the parties should explicitly state in the agreement who is responsible for public services. I had clients both as a seller and the buyer asking about preposing or possession of the post. While we are always trying to avoid this situation for many reasons, there are times when this is necessary. In addition, it may be a better alternative for a customer than storing household items. A stay at a hotel or family for a set period may not be an option either. In addition, paying for a double move can be expensive. The state of Arizona has a standard lease. I recommend using it for every seller of the mail possession situation.

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