Wku Housing Agreement

Changes can be made to your housing application until March 31 via the WKU housing portal. The housing contract is valid for the entire academic year or part of the remaining year at the time of signing the contract. The WKU operates according to the semester system and the study year consists of the autumn and spring semesters. If the contract is terminated before the end of the year and you remain a full-time student, you will receive a contract termination of $750.00 and you will let the $150.00 down payment expire. Student recruits (athletics, admissions or other university programs) must register with HRL at least 48 hours prior to their visit. There is no fee for an aspiring student to spend the night at the WKU on the campus apartment as long as the budding student (or someone in the budding student`s name) has planned a visit to the WKU campus with HRL in advance. See policy of visits for people staying in certain halls. The Residence Hall Housing Agreement requires a $150 support deposit. This deposit is kept throughout the occupier`s occupancy period and serves as a combination of room reservation, damage, cancellation and down payment to the room check. It does not apply to semi-annual residency fees and may be deferred to subsequent years of study. If student preferences are not available at the time of award, the student continues to receive a housing contract for available space. Students who do not comply with university guidelines for mitigation efforts and policy changes related to the pandemic can lead to an immediate removal of housing at Western Kentucky University.

Students who sign leases without receiving a written decision from the Department of Housing and Residence Life remain responsible for complying with campus housing requirements. Do not sign a rental agreement unless you have received a written decision from Housing and Residence life to allow you to live off campus. Students who submit a residency contract on the first day or after the first day of class for the fall or spring semester agree to deposit the US$150 deposit with the Department of Housing and Residence. The full semester, the pro-rata semester or all temporary accommodation costs must also be paid at the office at the time of the submission and acceptance of the housing contract. Residents who terminate their residency contract at any time during the academic year and then continue full-time registration will receive a termination fee of 750 $US, will not be reimbursed for their housing deposit and may be charged for all applicable semesters. Applications for exemption from the contract termination tax are available online through the Department of Housing and Residence Life website. Termination of the contract during emergencies reported by the university: if part or all of the university`s accommodation is closed due to an emergency or natural disaster, the university may terminate the contract without notice. Under no circumstances is the university required to provide the student with alternative housing or to rebuild or replace the premises concerned. If your housing task is ready to be reported, you will receive an email that will send you to the WKU housing portal.

If the demand for housing exceeds capacity, the university reserves the right to use a limited number of temporary allocations of space on campus. Please check the accommodation conditions before submitting your application. Students who submit a housing contract before the first day of class for the fall or spring semester are billed by the office. The payment must be made in full on the date indicated on the invoice. If you are not currently living on campus and would like to apply for housing, scroll down and follow the instructions below. Violations of Hilltopics for Residence Hall Living or the Code of Student Conduct, including health and safety, may result in an immediate removal of accommodation at Western Kentucky University.

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