What Is an Ipa Agreement

Add the PAF number in the top right corner of the API assignment agreement, make sure the employee has signed, and upload the agreement to the PAF. An assignment may be terminated at any time at the request of the federal or state agency, local, Native American tribal government, college, or any other organization participating in this program. If possible, the party terminating the order before the agreed date must inform the other parties to the agreement 30 days in advance, accompanied by a justification. Federal agencies should use their own form to register the agreement. The specific content of the agreement may vary depending on the order. The Agency`s forms should contain at least the following information: the initial allocation may be up to 2 years and may be extended up to a further 2 years, provided that the other parties accept the agreement. Allocations should be limited to the minimum period necessary for the performance of the contract. If the surrender agreement is with an Indian tribe or tribal organization, the assignment may be extended for any period of time as long as it has been determined that the assignment continues to benefit both organizations. An employee of a non-federal organization must be employed by that organization for at least 90 days in a career position before entering into an agreement with the IPA.

Any material changes to an employee`s duties, responsibilities, salary, workplace or supervisory relationships must be properly recorded as a change to the original agreement. The secondment agreement for each employee must always be correct, complete and up-to-date. Minor changes such as salary increases due to annual salary adjustments, performance changes due to revised coverage, and very short-term changes to tasks do not require a change to the original agreement. Revenues accumulate when the federal authority is billed. The first three quarterly invoices are prepared in accordance with the amount of the tax liability shown on the transfer contract. The final invoice refers to the amount remaining due up to the approved budget of the assignment agreement and is due within 90 days. Regulations require that API transfer agreements be implemented through a written agreement and approved by the employee. To be eligible for a position, a UM employee must hold a permanent career position for at least 90 days before entering into an agreement. Students and temporary workers are not allowed to enter into API agreements.

An employee who has worked in a single assignment for 4 uninterrupted years cannot be sent to another assignment without returning to their regular position for at least 12 months. Uninterrupted assignments of at least 60 calendar days are considered continuous service. Useful note: If the federal agency returns a signed agreement to the project team and not to the PSRA, use the pAF eRPM activity: “Request an ORSP Action” to download the signed agreement and request the UM signature, and PSRA staff will amend the agreement. For Ann Arbor VA agreements, make sure the order number is included in the agreement before sending the document to ORSP. University employees with an API assignment contract for the Ann Arbor AV Health System must have a VA WOC appointment in addition to the API assignment agreement. Information about the WOC application process can be found here. *Minor changes such as a salary increase due to annual salary adjustments, changes in benefits due to revised coverage, and very short-term changes to tasks do not require a change to the original agreement (see Expenditures exceeding approved amount). Myth: An agency can only enter into an IPA agreement with a state government agency. Organizations are no longer required to submit deployment agreements to the Office of Human Resources Management. The information contained in this publication will help agencies in the day-to-day management of the mobility programme. Questions or comments on these procedures.

UM is responsible for informing the Federal Agency of material changes to the original assignment contract by making an amendment to the assignment contract so that the information contained in the contract is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Depending on the type of mapping change, the change can be processed by an incremental PAF, a post-award change request (PACR), or an ORSP action request. Be sure to include information about the type of significant change in the change agreement so that it is clear what is being changed/updated. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management does not certify organizations that participate in an ipa agreement. .

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